5 Reasons Why Buying a ‘Cheap’ Promotional Product Can Be An Expensive Idea

Tue, 6 Jan 2015

A cheap promotional product does not always provide the best value for your brand, potentially returning poor ROI, or even worse, damage to your brand.  Whilst they may save in the short turn, it could cost you $$ in the long run.

Here are 5 good reasons why you should consider sourcing a quality promotional product:

1.  Cheap products often equal lower quality… and with a lower quality product you run a risk; the pen ink might leak, the t-shirt might fall apart in the wash or it simply won’t get used!  A poor quality product will send the wrong message… or fail to send any message at all.

2.  Longevity…If the life of the product is short, so is the life of the message on it.  In turn, this means less exposure and a low return on investment.  A good quality print on a good quality product will provide greater exposure and engender a more favourable association with the brand.

3.  Poor quality products damage brands and relationships… Is it worth risking the blood, sweat, tears (and money) you have invested in your brand identity for the sake of saving a few bucks?  It’s true that customers may not remember every promotion that goes well, but you can guarantee they will remember one that goes bad.

4.  Stand out in a saturated market… separate yourself from the crowd, look to provide something different and add real value to your brand and to that of the recipient.

5.  Not all products are equal… just because two products may look the same doesn’t mean they are.  You can get a quality product for a good price in any price point. A good promotional product distributor will demonstrate good industry knowledge and help you carefully choose the right product for your brand.  

(Originally published as '5 Reasons Why Offering A "Cheap" Pen Can Be An Expensive Idea')

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